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What are we about

Pink Penguin VR Ltd is a start-up company with the purpose of improving the lives of children at risk. Initially we believe this can be achieved by improving the safeguarding-related-teaching to students currently offered through secondary education in the UK.

We believe the immersive nature of Virtual Reality lends itself to improving the impact of teaching related to gang-drug-related-grooming and the criminal exploitation of vulnerable children. Given the children most at risk are often absent from school, education needs to adapt to these (often chaotic) attendance patterns.

Existing initiatives related to county lines are highly impactful but do not address this chaotic attendance pattern of vulnerable children.

There is additional government funding to help schools tackle social issues, these are encouraged to be tackled at a whole school level.

The current construct for tacking at a whole school level often constrains learning to those students which attend school regularly, meaning the most vulnerable don’t receive the education they need.

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